A Life Less Ordinary
2001-09-04 19:39:48 (UTC)

Itching Scalp

So like, my scalp has been itching me for the past two days....But I
don't know why. I don't have dandruff, and my scalp isn't
sunburned, so what's the problem? It couldn't be the shampoo I'm
using...could it? Hmm...maybe it's just a hormonal thing or
I'm in the UNLV library right now. My next class isn't until 1, so I
have about 10 minutes until I've got to go.
The great thing about college is all the freetime in between your
classes...That is, if you've scheduled them the right way. I enjoy
the hour or so I have between my classes to go online and surf the
net and such. Or to do my homework, if I feel like it. Which
reminds me that I should be working on an assignment for my
English class right now, because I know full well that I won't feel
like doing it when I get home. Oh well, that's me...The Big
Brook is on the computer behind me, the one I usually use when I
come up here...But there was someone on my computer when I
came up, and Brook's usual computer is out of order...She
probably fried the damned thing...:-)
She's working on her journal right now, as I type this. I can hear
her typing away behind me...Brook and I are real idiots. We'll be
sitting right next to one more than 1 foot away, and
we'll instant message one another using MSN Messenger...It's so
I'll bet she's typing about her one and only one way true love Tim
right now. She constantly thinks about him...24-7....She probably
fantsizes about him while she's on the toilet. I wouldn't be
surprised. I think she hates me though, because Tim likes
me...But of course I do not like him. I've got a boyfriend whom I
love and cherish and all that other sweet I don't need
Tim...And even if I had no boyfriend, I still wouldn't want Tim
because he's...Not my Type? I prefer the demonstrated
by all of my previous love interests...I mean, the ones I've actually
dated. I don't like the loud outgoing guys who drink and drive
fast...They scare me....I'd constantly have to worry about them.