Mindy aka Cutie

The life of a suicidal Teenager.
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2002-12-30 21:49:26 (UTC)

Life since last entry

Well, I am with Jon. Did you know that yet or not? We
have had an amazing time and have just been enjoying life.
One thing is...I love him. I know it's crazy since we have
only been together for two weeks and two days but, I have
told him more about my life than anyone in the world. I
told my grandmother I was going out with Dalana last night
and she kicked me out of her house. Of course my
grandfather said no but still, my grandmother is like my
mother. Right now I am watching Lord of the Rings: The
fellowship of hte rings. Did you know that they smoke pot
in this movie? LOL. Well, for a while now I have been
smoking pot, and doing things thaqt I really shouldn't be
but hey, you only live life once. RIght? Alright, this is
boring. I will update you more often I swear. I'm out .

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