An Angel's life
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2001-09-04 19:37:48 (UTC)

I got some juice for you guys!!

Dear Diary and Readers,
I really don't have nothing but I got something that I
would like to write about. Yesterday I saw my kittens!! The
story is my cat had kittens a long time ago and she hid them
really good so I wouldn't be able to find them. ::bad
kitty:: but now I get to see them. They are cute!!!! (and a
little chubby but that's alright I love chubby kittens!)
There is only two. One of them is white just like its mom
and the other one is black but has the huge baby blue eyes
just like it's mom!! I named them Midnight (black kitten)
and Chuckie (white kitten). The reason why I named the white
kitten chuckie because it seems to be a scaredy cat just
like chuckie from the rugrats. Also I believe Chuckie
because he seems to hiss at me all the time. I love
Midnight!!!! He is sooooooooo cute!!!! Oh ok I know you
might be like wow they're just kittens bbut you just have to
look at them especially the black. He is such a rascal! He
loves to explore and he has given me kisses. They are just
toddlers and they walk around soo cute and fight against
each other. Hopefully one of the kitten won't scratch the
other one's eye!!
Tomorrow is school for me ::ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!::
(save me please!) I hope I can meet some new people and have
less stress then last year. Hopefully the teachers are nice.
You know what usually I would get freaked out but tomorrow
feels like another normal day in my life. How many of you
guys were so freaked out because of school tomorrow? Well
g2g messages are welcomed!!

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