julia's majestic j0urnal
2002-12-30 21:35:43 (UTC)

hey yawll... this ismy first..

hey yawll... this ismy first entry.. i dont really know
what to write but i promise i will get better at this i
swear lol .. anyway i wanted a new journal that no1 had.
dont steal mah journal site... i slept 0va lisa's
yesterday she said that i snore.. lol and whos john lmao
only she knos about the " john moan" lmao how was
midniiqht mass? did u fall asleep... hoe are them
hairballs...waht about ..." this is his destinaaaaaation""
i meen destiny lol " that was so funny.... i just got back
from florida 2 days ago it was iiqht ..it was freezinq!!!!
i never wore shorts and i wdent swimminq 3 tiimes thats
onlii cuz my aunts pool was 100* lol sam i have this odd
feelinq that my cuzins dont like me... or
somthinq...chrismas was iiqht im so happy im not jewish
lol lisa-> MERRY HANKUAH and dee -> is it MERRY KUANZA or
HAPPY KUANZA o well ur panckaes suck lol thats was so
funny... i have the bestest friends in the whole world of
penises lol dont ask.... i think i need a new s/n ....
like " lilhenry698e47u6 " lol i duno.... why did craiq
call me a bizzotch in his profile.... i duno .. i have so
many hobbies that i dont want to tell u about cxu thier
boring... well some of them ..LOL OMFG i forgot to write
down that ...lol lisa went down on the fridgerator and it
cummed whipped cream in ur mouth lol .. why is it that my
2 best friends have boii friends..... dee n john and lisa
and cris i duno ... i swear lisas a lesbian j/p lol bf4l
im sooooo bored i was supposed to chyll with margaux today
but she had AMAMNDA cummn over... so i was a pj bum all
day lo. lisa -> the ass on my pants says angel lol ..im
really bored so ill ttyawll8er callz me if u want ....
geeze this is like a fuckn away message.... pyece . wun .

fav sonq - nas.-.i made u look .-. fav song of all time!!!
l0vinq- matt ... timmy forever 2oo3 brinqz 5 years of u

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