Blood and Chocolate
2001-09-04 19:30:44 (UTC)

*sigh of relief*

Hey everyone !
I just got home from a very long day at school ! YIKES! I
have so much homework ! Oh well thats high school for you !
OH I have some cool news! Today at school I saw my old
teacher Mr.Ten Eyck ! He is so awesome ! You are so kick
rockin Mr.T! Yea I was so happy to see him cause I was
planning on walking down to see him at the middle school
today anyways ! Wow ! That is too weird ! So anyways ! You
people reading my journal need to send me some e-mails in
response ! Cause I really wanna here from "My public "
LOL ! Oh about adam ! He didn't get on till like 11 last
night ! After I was asleep ! Pooh head ! hehe ! Your a
goober Adam ! JK JK ! I love ya ! hehe ! OH I got an "A"
on my science quiz !!! The one I was studying for last
night ! hehe ! I guess all that studying helped! Well I
have to babysit in like an hour or so ! Fun stuff isn't !
oh I am currently listening to Blink 182 ! hehe ! Well what
else happend at school ? There is a new kid AJ who is in a
few of my classes at school! Hey AJ ! You rock ! hehe !
he is really cool and such a sweet heart ! He is kinda
quiet but thats good cause guys who are really loud and
rude can be such jerks ! and guys who are really loud and
try and get in trouble are like so stupid ! hehe !
Oh I am going to start something new ! once every week day
I am going to put a quote to live by at the bottem of the
entry ! Only one per day though ! Ok ?! So I hope maybe
they will help you out ! Well I really gotta bounce ! SO
much homework ! I will be on later tonight around 8 ! So
talk to you then !
Luv ya always !
Quote:" The problem with the gene pool is that there is NO
lifeguard!" If you don't understand it e-mail me asking
about it and I will write you back answering your
question ! Just go down below and hit I think it is " send
a response!" or something like that !