Bruce Wayne

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2002-12-30 21:06:31 (UTC)


Xmas was as glutonous as usual. Not that it's such a bad
thing. i got tons of great gifts (no Kevin Smith items
though...cept the Dogma DVD. Everyone made out like a
bandit as usual. Ithink it's kind of interresting how the
holidays have the ability to reveal people for who they
are. Assholes and drunks always rise to the occasion.

I was foolishly looking forward to my family comming to our
house to exchange gifts the day after Xmass. Well the
biggest Xmass snow storm in recorded history hit on Xmass
eve. My parents were able to get dug out and be
brother in typical fashion didn't show up. Too much digging
out to do, and a number of other assorted excuses. The sad
part is he couldn't be bothered to pick up the phone and
call. I had to call him to find this out. This is the 2nd
Xmass that he's managed to display just how selfish he
really is. Coincidentally enough it's the 2nd Xmass that
we've exchanged gifts @ my house. I won't extend the next
invitation to him. I'm a bit tired of extending myself to
him and doing all the work to make sure he's present and
accounted for. Needless to say I was good and pissed when I
realized that he was blowing us off. I left him a message
and sarcastically appologized for scheduling Christmass at
such an inconvenient time for him. I sent his gifts home
with my parents and sent him a pretty scathing e-mail just
telling him how I felt about it. Theer's always something
more pressing than his family going on. It'll be a real
shame when they're not around

The gutless wonder hasn't bothered to call, and I'm sure
he's rationalized some convoluted way of making this my
fault. I don't want this to turn into one of those
situations where two brothers don't speak for years on end,
so I sent the email and told him that it was on him to pick
up the phone and right the wrong. We'll see if he's got the
sack. I'm not betting on it.

Just as I thought the holidays were ending and my jerk off
brother's display of selfishness was as bad as it was gonna
get my wife pulls a winner. 12 hrs before we're scheduled
to have $14,000 of new windows installed she announces that
we need to cut back on spending (understandable)and that
she didn't want to have the windows installed. She was
insinuating that I made the decision to have this done
without her consent(so far from the truth). My head nearly
exploded. She pulled this same thing the night before the
tile in our kithcen was being installed. She says she's not
crazy about them but did it because I liked them. A little
late to be voicing your displeasure ....don't you think. So
we're getting into it pretty good and she announces that
she isn't going to have this conversation. A new favorite
move of hers...she speaks her mind and ends the
conversation. Grrrrr

We went to bed not speaking.

I woke up and told her that I love her and don't want to
fight. Really...what difference does it make anyway.

When anyone asks what I got for Xmass...I'll just tell
them..thicker skin.

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