I never wanted a desk job...
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2002-12-30 20:36:53 (UTC)

It's been a while...

I think I almost forgot that I had this! Either that or
things have been so dull that I haven’t felt any
overwhelming urge to write. Either way, here I am once

Christmas was nice, nothing spectacular, though. M and I
went to my parents’ house, a 350-mile drive across the
state. Thankfully my car did okay, no major problems, and
the weather behaved. Spent Christmas and the day after
there, and then headed back Friday. It was nice to get out
of town, but going to my folks’ is never a vacation. My
mother and I argue about something every time I’m there,
usually concerning the fact that M and I have been living
together for so long, when are we getting married?! I just
tell her that I’m moving next summer and if he wants to go
with me, he’s more than welcome to. That’s pretty much the
truth, really… He knows very well what my plans are, and
he needs to decide where I stand in his life. If he’s not
willing to make a serious commitment, then I’m sorry, but I
need to find someone who will. My clock’s a’ tickin…

Not too much in the means of presents, but all stuff I
really needed. My folks got me a DVD/VCR combo, which is
REALLY nice, because I was getting tired of moving the one
we have now from the living room to the bedroom. The new
one’s staying in the living room, since we can hook it up
to the stereo. M got me a CD player and a couple new front
speakers for my car, which I was REALLY happy about. I had
bought him a George Foreman grill (the first gift that has
actually surprised him in years, so he says), and Acid
Music, a DJ program.

But now we’re back. And upon our return M got into a big
brew-ha-ha with the wanna-be boss, and he quit his job.
It’s bittersweet, because that job was really bringing him
down (more than this one does to me), and he needed to get
out. But on the other hand, we’re gonna be BROKE. I’m not
looking forward to it, I tell ya what.

Shit, for all I do for this boy, you’d think he’d be all
about marrying me! LOL if life were only so easy….

Well, not much else to say. Now that I have a VCR in the
living room permanently, I have to be better about doing
aerobics. I have gained so much weight it’s sickening. If
I could actually get my waist back I’d be happy! Okay
enough for today, better get back to work. What fun.