Static and Silence
2001-09-04 18:54:22 (UTC)


I love Autumn. Why is it that when everything around me is
dying I am at my happiest. The leaves are
turning...falling...drying up....I am in heaven. The world
slowly readies itself for a long Winter's nap. I find
myself spending more time outdoors. Hiking is best in the
Autumn. Campfires are best in the Autumn. The grey
skies...the wispy cirrus clouds....the cool northern
breeze....the cold chill in the evening air....leaving my
windows open....the first signs of the coming frost...the
smoke rising from apple cider....the
crispness of the morning air. I love everything about

An Autumn's Night -By Me

I travel'd long the forest path
Night's air borne on frosty breath
The fallen leaves weep at my feet
While willows wait for winter's sleep

The coal gray sky begins to darken
In the distance the wind does hearken
To me a song that doth delight
In the magic of an autumn's night.

By pale moon's light I chance a clearing
The scurrying of feet I'm hearing
And in that shrouded misty glen
My eyes do spy a woodland nymph

When right before my very eyes
The quiet forest springs to life.
The trees they dance with faeries and gnomes
While the woodland nymph stands all alone.

Amidst the merriment and the din
A single teardrop from within
My heart fell softly on the ground
And with that ceased all earthly sound.

Yet I swear I heard carried on the wind
The whisper song of the woodland nymph
Tales sang to me of such delight
Of the magic of this autumn's night.

I want to live in a world with Elves, Faeries, Nymphs and
Gnomes. I want to dance with the willows and sing with the
nymphs. I am such a head in the clouds...