Blue Fairy's Riot
2002-12-30 20:12:01 (UTC)

Chillin like a Veggie

Well, it is another day. Yesterday was pretty nice, just
vegging out. I went to Tekla's apartment, and we
watched "Lola Rennt," one of my fave films. She liked it,
too! That is cool. I read from my book, which mom gave to
me for Christmas, _Post Communist Democratization:
Political Discourses Across Thirteen Countries_. This book
is great! I also read some from my other book,
_Revolutionaries on Revolution: Participant's Perspectives
on the Strategies of Seizing Power_. Okay, I know I am
nerdy, but I enjoy reading those kinds of books, and I can
not stand reading most fiction, except for the classics and
beat authors. I think I am a little too nerdy, but that is
perfectly alright, I hope it pays off! I am on my break
right now from Uraku. I got tips today! Tips are given on
the basis of how much work you do and how long you have
been there, which is fair. I made fifteen percent of the
tips! It is only four dollars, but usually people don:t
get tips until after they have worked for more than a week,
and today is my second day! We ate for lunch some Japanese
food, kimchi, and mumaulengee. It is so good! For
breakfast, we ate rice and miso soup. This sounds stupid,
but since I have worked there, I have also done a little
working out, I think I have lost weight! I hope that it
keeps coming off! I really like my job! The people are so
nice. I am listening to the CD Tekla made for me, the
Ayumi Hamasaki remixes or something like that, it is pretty
good. It is the holidays, and I miss my friends, from
home, those in differnt countries, and those who are not at
school right now. That is alright, I am getting by. I
have been spending a lot of time with Chin Ming lately, but
he is gone until the second. Oh, I talked to Jodi Schott
last nite! I am glad that she is doing alright, I have
missed her a lot. I also miss Miki, Marleen, Ayako,
Benedikt, Fritz, and many other people. Well, I will go
and read while I am on my break. I am sure the second part
of my da will go well. I hope Miyuki and Sumi call when
they get in, so I can go and pick them up! I will leave
directly after work to get them, and not have dinner.