*~My Thoughts~*
2001-02-11 04:50:05 (UTC)

Dear Diary, I know other people..

Dear Diary,
I know other people will be reading you, but oh well. no
one knows me. Well, first things first. I'm Alicia and I
am twelve years old. (Gee, interesting, huh?) Well, I am so
sad. I don't have a crush on anyone! There's this boy in my
class, Jeremy, (he has blue hair, let me point out, but
it's cool) all my friends say I should have crush on him
or ask him out or sumthing, but he's just a good friend.
Today, (well actually Tuesday) was one of my best friends,
Megan's birthday. She took me and another one of my best
friends, Randi, to see Save the Last Dance. I almost cried!
then we went and got pizza, and went back to her house and
hung out. Back to crushes. I need sumone! Wut about a
Valentine?!? I wish i had a crush so i could dedicate this
to sumone: Nobody wants to be lonely, nobody wants to cry,
my body's longing to hold you, so bad it hurts inside! Time
is precious and it's slippin' away, and I've been waiting
for you all of my life... etc. this is kinda embarrasing...
pooring out all of my feelings in public... but also sumwut
fun. Well, I'm gonna go now. Write 2morrow!
Alicia Hall
PS I can spell, I just didnl't feel like typing all that.