The land of unknown
2001-09-04 18:33:08 (UTC)

There are no faces to be seen

well, today was my first day of school. well, IT SUCKED
LIKE HELL!!!! there are so mane things i find wrong
with that school. most of the day i actually felt sick. i
hated it. every goddamn minute. that place just made
me so sick. i've never seen so many ordinary faces. so
many that seemed to repeat. this place is so fucking
uncultured!! i swear! it's just fucking black and white in
there, it makes me sick! i didn't think it was going to be
that bad. at lunch it was especially horrid. u get thrown
in a cafateria for a half hour and sit at tables and then
the bell rings to go to class. there's almost nothing to
do. and it's only a half hour. that's it and no break, two
lunch periods. not even the whole fucking school eats
at one time. there is no before school and isn't any after
school either. i hate it!!! the whole time i just wanted to
go home. and i don't mean where i live. i mean where
all my friends are. people i know and can relate to. the
people here, just.... AHHHH!!!!! i can't stand it!! i want
out!!!! i went there with an open mind for almost
anything. but what i've seem amazes me that i'm not
thinking it up myself.