"Leben ist ein Weibchen."
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2002-12-30 19:17:35 (UTC)

A differenty view on Mandys life

Im so glad shes gettin over brick (dirtbag). She has
been doin very well. Ill sure be glad of chris is a good
guy, but he sure seems pretty cool. Im sure there will be
girls i'll be talkin about in here that will come and go,
and ill forget about mentioning them cuz they wont really
matter. Besides all i need is my Mandy and theres Max too.
Right now im interested in Telina still (of course), and
Kendra. Monica im also interested in meeting, but shes
with a guy right now as of lastnight that she claims wont
work out anyway. W/e, I dont see why you would do that if
its not goin to work out, but its still fun im sure just
dating different people. Its not like were lookin for life
long companionship at our age. I talked to Monica saturday
night untill 4 am. She is an awesome girl just as Telina
and Kendra are also. Ive tryed tellin Kendra that she
looks good, and that she is an awesome girl, but she dont
think she looks good. Go figure shes a typical girl right?
I think that i can hang out with her very soon, and do
some cool stuff with her. I hope all goes well, cuz i'd
really like to make out with a girl right now! hehehe ;)
Its been like a year since ive had a GF. O well, dont
bother me.
Its been great hangin out with Mandy, and i think its
so awesome how she can just make all of our friends laugh
that are in the room. She's always making me happy, and i
hope i make her happy. I hope the best for that girl, and
im tired of dirtbags coming in her life and hurting her.
That has to happen, but she will find a great guy someday.
There are not enough good things i can say about mandy, a
she knows that.
Im goin to get some stuff done today. I need to ride,
and work on some pegs at work. I need to clean off all
that dumb writing on my truck (so thankful for great
friends to do that for me) ;). All's well in the world of
me and mandy.

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