2002-12-30 18:54:52 (UTC)

I haven't written for 8 months

December 30, 2002 (not for long!)
Dear Starr,
OMG, I appologize for not having written in here for
like 8 months!!! I guess I just really did not want to. I
kept getting reminders for my diary, and to write in it
(for every 7 days!) and I never bothered to even write.
Well, I'm sorry to say, I don't know if I can keep this up.
(I mean, keep writing) I already have so many other diaries
that I try to write in, but I don't know. Maybe just this
once. Well, hi to everyone who is reading this. I hope you
like this very short diary! LOL. Ok, well, I'm going to go.
Please visit my webpage!!!

Yours Truly,