What are you, some kind of Adrien?
2001-09-04 17:40:39 (UTC)

Trevor's party/meeting Kayla/first day of school and other stuff

Alright, this might be a tad long, so be prepared.

Trevor's party: Trevor had a party. (Way to be obvious,
Captain Obvious.) We all piled into Trevor's barn,
and...partied. For once, we didn't play any stripping
games! *gasp* The party felt weird without it, but
normally, I don't partake in said stripping games. Before
we went to Trevor's, me, Erin and Heather visited Kayla.
She just moved here from Corner Brook and she's hardcore!
We went to the Village Mall and hung around. T'was quite

So Adrien has become exceedingly weird. He probably sounded
a little weird in my last entry, but from spending an
entire night with him, he's twice as weird. He was hanging
from the rafters, in a sleeping bag, wearing faerie wings.
He said he was a butterfly. We took a picture, so once it's
scanned, I'll post a link.

I'm not going to go into detail about what we did at the
party, because it might take all night, and tomorrow as
well. I wrote 13 poems in two days though! Then I started
complaining about it, and they took my book away from me!!
So I began to go insane, and Hutson gave me the nintendo
gun. That resulted in my developing an odd habit of
continuesly clicking the trigger.

We watched Mallrats. It was hilarious! Our original entent
was to rent all of the Jesery Flicks and watch them, before
going to see Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back the next day.
Appearantly, someone had the same idea and rented all of
them too, except Mallrats. Needless to say, it was a great

So the next day, we all went to Jay and Silent Bob strike
back. We got in even though it was rated R! *loves Empire
Theatres* The movie was fukking awesome!!! *loves the
movie* It would have been better if we had seen all the
Jersey Flicks, but *shrug* I'm sure we will soon.

Then we went to the arcade, and played a few video games
and such. I tried the love meter, and as a girl, I got the
second lowest, which was "cool". So I decided, as a joke,
I'd see what I'd get as a guy, and I got "stud" which is
the highest. I beat all the guys in the group! Hehe, I'm so
proud of myself.

We ended up travelling to Kayla's after. She was slightly
confused at trying to remember everyone's names. She'll get
a hang of it soon enough.

Today was my first day of school, in a not so quite way. We
only had to show up for an hour to get our schedules and
such. We don't really have to go to classes until Thursday.
I'm not ready to go back, there's still a lot of summer
left to enjoy! Oh well. It was nice seeing everyone that I
didn't get to see over vacation though.

John, my ex boyfriend, emailed me the other day. I've put
him back on my list of people I talk to. I think he'd
really like to get back together with me, but I doubt I'd
be able to handle it. Sure, he's a nice guy, and we were
together for such a long time, but our breakup was harsh.
He's apologized a million times, but I don't think we'll
ever be anything more than just friends.

Well, that really was my past few days. Not much else to
say about it. I'll leave you now, with a quote from a Tori
Amos song, called Past The Mission (I reccomend you
download it).

"Past the Mission
Behind the prison tower
Past the Mission
I once knew a hot girl
Past the Mission
They're closing every hour
Past the Mission
I smell the roses"