Probing into my mind
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2002-12-30 17:19:02 (UTC)


ok so i guess i need to update with new info on my life..
Christmas Day...a great day...the whole local family was
acrually there (minus Uncle Jack)...i got lots of cool
stuff...clothes, makeup, cd's, a new discman :D, tommy
girl and other perfumes :D, a metronome which i discovered
under the tree late on christmas evening after i asked my
dad y he couldn't find one and he said he did, a hat, a
scarf, the sims unleashed..altho i cant find the original
sims game which is needed to install it, etc. etc.
O ya...Christmas Eve went by so fast. We went to the 4
o'clock mass...altho St. Athanasius was jam packed by 3
and we started the mass around 3:15 (funny how ppl who
dont even know the creed think that they have to go to
church on Christmas Eve when they never go any other times
of their lives hehe.) It went by so fast...the singer was
kinda nervous so she got brother kept
squeezing me out of the pew cuz he wanted arm room haha, i
sung alot (funny how i used to be too nervous and self-
conscious to sing...itz so much fun!, specially with
christmas songs!) After the mass, which ended around 4:30,
we went back to my grandmother's house. I got the
traditional fish and the others got clam mom
made pizza for me and my brother tho. My Uncle Tim took te
baby Jesus out of the cresh again and hid it. It was
great. I did about ten pages of Dont Know Much About
History...still have about 200 pages left to
read..whoops :o
Yesterday we went to the Pops concert at Symphony Hall..I
got a little excited during one of the solos and
screamed...oops...i forgot i wasn't in B-town :o
It was awesome...they had way more instruments than
us...they had a million violins...two flutes and
clarinets, saxes, piccolo (ya mr. Lovell, like they
don't use them in orchestras!)....basoons, oboes, an
english horn, french horns...etc. My grandmother got stuck
next to a lady who was completely bombed..she said she
smelled like antifreeze..hehehe...just my grandmother's
luck to have to sit next to another she came on
the bus home headed for the Rec Dept. and shouted "Wasn't
that a great show!!!!!!" and then i said to my
grandmother "o jeez how could u deal with her for over 2
hours?" so anyways im sick of typing...gotta go get
dressed...then eat...then read Dont Know Much About
History cuz im way behind...ugh!