Laura's need to rant and chat
2002-12-30 16:47:59 (UTC)

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve: I get to face old fears

Tomorrow I am to drive to New Orleans and hang out with one
of my best friends from high school, we have always been
great friends at a distance. However, we've had some
problems over the last year. You see, Amy, my friend, we
went to high school together, we shared a spanish class
during 10th grade, when I moved to that school (trust me
the move from the hell I was in, to outside of New Orleans
was probably the best fucking thing to ever happen to me.)
However, being females, we liked each other, hated each
other, etc... but nothing really bad. After we both left
for college, she in another state, me at LSU, we became
friends again, and that first summer after our first year
at school, we started hanging out with each other again.
We would go to New Orleans, and party at some of the cool
bars in the quarter. Well, that was all well and good, and
as times went on, she got married, near Christmas in 1998,
which I was in the wedding, and then when my mom was
getting addresses together for my wedding invites, she
called Amy to get her new husband's name and her address,
well, that was around Valentine's Day in 1999 (like less
than 2 months later) when Amy drops the bomb that her
husband left her bc he was not ready to be married. So I
should have used that as a clue not to get married myself,
but oh well, I did, and look at me know, all hurt and soon
to be a divorced woman... (shaking her head sadly) Well,
Amy came to my wedding in May of that 1999, she couldn't be
in the wedding, which I did not push her on that, well,
skip ahead to April 2002! Well, she came to visit me and
the soon to be ex hubby, and we fight over the time that my
hubby and she was spending together, etc... all this why
she is on leave from the miltary for the first time in
about 8 months of her being stationed up in N.C. and away
from family and friends.... Well then when I tell her in
late July early August when I tell her I'm leaving my
hubby, she feels I should fight for my marrage, and I
understand why she feels that way, since if I went through
what she did, I'd want to feel that love is still possible,
but come on, my life is my life. Amy and I have just
started talking again really only last month, or less, so
it will be weird to see her again.
Weird thing is... when we saw each other we went to our
local hunts in New Orleans and we saw this girl at her
bachalorette party and we kept telling her "don't do it,
don't do it, don't do it." Amy must have known that I was
unhappy in my marrage at that time, but oh well, water
under the bridge... off tomorrow to drink myself silly....