Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
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2002-12-30 16:27:55 (UTC)

People scare me

Not as in the ahh, Im afraid of people. As in the ahh,
people are really really f*cked up.

Chocolate is good.

Well, Im opening myself up to get my heart broken, again.
Why, because Im tricia. :) Thats what I do.

The whole reason we exist is for reproductive purposes, as
does any other animal, reptile, amphibian *i cant spell*,
mold, fungi, etc. And as annoying as it may be, thats all
I can think about. Yup, boys. *grin*

I guess I never really thought of myself as able to get a
guy. I was just like, yeah, whatever. But now taht I can
it scares the crap out of me. Too much freedom. I hate
that. I like having the idea of freedom- thinking I can do
whatever I want even though I really cant. I like having
direction. When tahts gone, Im a friggin mess. But its
all good.

Riddlin Kids are awesome. So is Breaking Benjamin. I got
their cd yesterday. :) Its great. :) I also got some
new shoes, I needed sneakers BAD. Theyre pretty. :) But
white... and just in the store before, I told my sister I
wouldnt get white shoes cuz Id have to clean them then Id
be all preppy and annoying. What did I do? Buy white
shoes. Go figure. Thats me alright. Ihave every intention
of doing something, but when it comes down to it, I do the
exact opposite. Yup.

Just out of curiosity, am I really that confusing??

Ya know who I love...

~Trixie, Trika, Trick, Tricia, Trish...~