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2001-09-04 15:55:38 (UTC)

*~What can I say?! I got bored =)

Im in comp app class, and theres not much really going on,
and need something to take my mind off the time, so it goes
quicker :) So now you ppl could read what im up to in
skool...how fun!! :) I love jaclyn shes my baybee gurl, she
made me the best card in the world for my b-day, of all our
memmories..it wuz so sweet :) She also gave me sum banana
nut bread..MmmmM my favorite!! :) I ate it all, and got
sum crums in the keyboard, haha oh well, least it isnt
mine :) 2 hrs and about 20 mins left....it needs to go
quicker!! I hafta work tonight.... :*( who's coming to
visit?!? :) My familys suppose to go look @ a car for me
tonight, hopefully they buy me one :) I love my outfit
today..itz so cute :) my teachers sure dont like it
tho..lol "lisa, pull ur shirt down a lil" la la...it shows
my belly ring..but itz cute, and classy, not whorish and
trashy...Well I gtg I have about 10 projects to get done by
thursday....what fun....xoxoxo bub byes!! :)