Dick Doomsday

Pathetic Punk
2002-12-30 10:13:12 (UTC)

oh yeah, eh?

so. um.

where have i been lately?

i dunno.

two nights ago i hung out at johns house. that was much
fun. then last night i hung out with tommy. i didnt get
home till like 4. then i had to wake up at 8 to go to work.
and tonight i went out with john and josh. we went to the
movies. saw Gangs of New York. it was actually rather good.

helped perk up my "blah" mood. me and tommy are having our
first "fight". it sucks. i hate being mad at people. or
rather i hate having people be mad at me. i love tommy
lots. i dunno why we're even mad at eachother. its actually
rather stupid. maybe we have just been spending far too
much time with eachother and we got sick and tired of
eachother. i dunno. uuugggh! but i hate it. it was weird
not talking to him at work. i went like 2 hours not talking
to him.

then ferris from the malt shop came by to say "happy new
year" and all that stuff. cuz he wouldnt see me and he gave
me a hug. yay for that. he's cute. he's this italian
looking guy. yum. he's old. ok..well older. like 24 or
something. he calls me hon and sweetheart, and yeah. i
likes. he's really super nice.

so anyways, uuggghhhh, tommy didnt say bye. and neither did
i so, yeah. it bugs. i couldnt drive home. i was so upset
that i was driving funny and just was not in the mood. and
i had been so quiet at work (cuz i didnt talk to tommy for
like two hours) and i hardly chatted with the clients. i
could tell he was upset too cuz he was all quiet. he wasnt
being the loud funny tommy. and yeah. so driving home i
listened to dashboard confession and wanted to cry. then
when i got home i didnt talk for like 20 minutes. and when
i did it was weird.

i should be a mute.

blah. so yeah. came home early (around 12:30am) hoping to
go to sleep but i didnt. i started to watch a movie and
kept thinking about tommy. but right about now i am feeling
pretty drained. maybe i should go to sleep. i get to go
shopping with my mum tomorrow. so yeah