My Days...
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2001-09-04 15:37:47 (UTC)

I'm so tired...

I'm so tired today. In the night time, I'm never tired so
stay up all night but in the day then I'm nackered...just
my luck!!

I had a brilliant weekend. I went to Vision (a nightclub)
with my boyfriend Mark for the first time on Friday...he
goes nearly every week with his friends. I was dead
nervous at first, didn't want to go just incase I couldn't
get in, his friends would laugh at me, people wouldn't like
me etc...but when I got there, I had an amazing night. It
was brilliant. I will definately be going again. Then on
Saturday night I slept over his house, it was nice having
him curled around me all night...I'm so in love!! yay!!

We've been together for nearly ten months now, I'm so lucky
to have him. I really think that this is really going to
last. I think that he is 'the one'. I'm so happy...

I have messed up my pill pattern (contraceptive pill)...which is a
bugger. I didn't know what to do so I just threw out the two pills
I forgot to take and carried on like normal...I hope thats gonna be
ok. I'll go to the clinic on Friday and find out.

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