Scenes from a Marriage
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2001-09-04 15:25:02 (UTC)

Tuesday, September 4th

These past few days have been spent thinking and working,
thinking about if we should try for full custody or not.
He called the lawyer today with a few questions, the
biggest one being my job moving to Omaha in 3-5 years. The
lawyer said we would have to petition the court when that
time came, but that we would probably be okay---her
visitation would over the summer instead of every other
weekend. Then he said that if we sue for full custody she
is likely to ask us about the sign away parental rights and
owe no child support, he said if we ask it could be brought
up when they hear the arguement for full custody and it
would make us not look good. He needs to know by the end
of the month, what we are going to do so he can file papers.

We are so busy this week with Fantasy Hockey, and I am
tired from working so much this weekend. UGH!! I guess I
will have time to catch up on rest when they knock me out
for surgery on the 14th, I will be off work the 14th-17th
if everything goes okay. If I have any problems, than I
will have to take more time off. Hopefully, things will go
just fine and I will get some relaxing in at home on those
days, before I start picking up the OT again. We are going
to try this month and see if my check will cover all the
bills. It will cost us $2500 for the custody battle, but
he said he would work with us on it.