2001-09-04 15:18:43 (UTC)

4th September 2001 - 1st day back at school.

Well, today i got up at 6:40am and had a shower. I then
went and caught the bus. On the bus i sat in my usual place
and you would never guess who came and sat near me. My
worst enemy 'Amy Bridgeman'. She didn't say anything to me.
I'm at Sam's house now on the i-net writing this diary.
Her e-mail is [email protected] if you wanna e-mail
her. I don't really have anything else to say apart from i
really miss Aj and he txted me and said he really misses me
and wishes he could kiss and hug me right now. Oh god i
miss him! I want to hold him, and kiss him and hug him. I
better go now my noodles are getting cold.
See ya