Sporty Tomboy

2002-12-30 08:43:39 (UTC)

United States=Forsaken.

We are fucked. Take a look at the world we inherited. We're
a buncha fast food-munching MTV freaks humping the American
dream. The generation before us sold their innocence for
200 digitally enhanced satellite stations, and it's been
downhill ever since. They had, uh, Mickey Mouse, Easy Rider
and the Beatles. We got South Park, the Blair Bitch and
Ricky Martin. Alright? They had-- they had "be here now."
We got "shit happens." I mean--if that doesn't put things
in perspective, I don't know what does. We're just
Microsoft neanderthals addicted to surfing netland still
shitting in our own nests. And everytime I think about
giving a rat's ass, I just picture Monica making millions
from sucking Bill's little red rooster. That just rockets
me right back to reality.

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