The Wait For True Love
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2002-12-30 06:06:14 (UTC)

I'm still single damn it!!!!!!!!!

Well its been a damn good while since i've written in this
thing but not too much has gone on. Nothing worth really
writing anyway. I've been back home from school for about
2 weeks now. So far its been all gravy. I do have fun at
school but it feels good to be away finally and back home
with people i know.

I went up to texarkana last week for christmas. That was
fun. I met a few guys but I dare not give any of them my
number. My stupid cousin is so overprotective. Guess he
wants me to grow to be old and lonely:-( But its cool for
now. I'm still young but I know not for long. The search
for true love is definately on! And my crazed cousin can
kiss my ass before I grow old and lonely.

I had quite a bit of fun on christmas. Ate good food, opened some
good presents, and I got high with my cousin and our mutual friend.
It was all good. But I think we all had a little sad moment at some
point because this was our first holiday season without grandpa.
Kinda put a damper on things. But its ok. Granny says he's in a
better place and we'll meet up with him again someday.... well...
HOPEFULLY he's in that better place.. hee hee.

The peach bowl is in a few days. Oh how I wish I could be
there and support my team with all the rest of the band
geeks. And since I don't have cable I can't even watch
them on tv:-( I'll do my best to keep up with the game
online. So anywayz thats enough updating for now. I'm
gonna go and continue to play dominoes


p.s.- i still have no man!!!!!