my so-called life
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2001-09-04 13:00:42 (UTC)

last day of SUMMER

God where has the summer gone? my vacation was really fun..
i cried when we left..only my brother and christen blanton
know that i was so hard to let go of my family
and just leave them for another 2 years without seeing
them. my little cousin is so cute and the next time i see
her she will be all grown up.. wow its been a really long
time since that vacation. i started fall soccer last week
at first i wasnt gonna do it..but my friend torey conviced
me to do it and i realized that i still like it alot and
that im practicly one of the best ppl on the JV team..
(yeah it sucks im not on varsity but what am i gonna do) my
grandma just left an hour ago for Vermont she stayed at our
house for about a week... i was really getting used to her
presense (sp?) in our house. tomorrow is the first day of
school.. it sucks i really dont wanna go back. but i figure
ill wear my new clothes and look all pretty and shit and
ill be fine.. well anwayz.. im going to be a sophomore this
year.. kick ass no longer a freshman!
bye :)