Anything But Ordinary
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2002-12-30 04:40:47 (UTC)

Back again

Hey people,
I havn't written in sooooo long. I don't know why. I kept
getting those reminders, but i just couldn't get myself to
write. Anyways, not much has happened since last time. I
don't still don't know what to write. I fell, i dont' know,
lonely. Actually i've felt this way so many times, it's
kinda getting normal now. All i can think of that could
change it is to have someone in my life, someone to love
me, hold me and to be with me. That's what i wish. The time
will probably come soon, i know, but i've been waiting for
so long, it seems like the time may never come. It's
depressing. Of course, i havn't thought of doing anything
stupid like killing myself. But you know, it's still sad.
I'll be ok, i mean, i'm used to all this. But it would be
great for me to feel happy for once. Don't get me wrong,
i'm happy a lot, but am i truly happy? i don't know. I
guess I'll feel it when it comes. Have you ever seen A Walk
to Remember? I would love a relationship like that. Maybe
sometime in the future. Well, hopefully i'll start writting
more often.

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