Aradia Goblin Queen

Aradia's Head
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2002-12-30 04:09:10 (UTC)

go go gadget something or other...

i have no particular reason to write tonight.
its a couple of days after xmas and im sitting in the dark
letting my mind wander around.
its good to give ur mind exersize. and wandering aimlessly
is the bestest kind.
so im not fighting with tim anymore. which is good.
we stopped not-talking on my birthday a few weeks ago.
at the end of our bar-hopping night, we sat down on two
stools and talked for awhile about such random things.
from sharing energy to not expecting anything. hopefully
things work out this time. im not sure either of us could
take another fight like that and want to live in the same
zip code..hehe
work is draining once more. i think its cuz ive been there
so much lately. other then that its cool.
new years is coming up. im excited and i dont know
the Queens are all over the place again. the triangle that
was is back to being just two parelell lines. i think thats
probably a better shape for the three of them.
Me and the Queens have to all visit the Caledra i think.
and then, i d like to take someone else along i know. i
think he d benefit too.
its nice to be able to take a hammer to a dam once in a
anyhow, im off to watch crappy 80's movies!!!
-night and much love-
one sleepy Aradia