Book of the Purple Faerie
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2002-12-30 03:44:29 (UTC)


Ok, I really feel that venting would help me get over a
few... problems that have been happening around here
lately. Hopefully SOMEONE will understand and then I'll
feel better!

So here we go, Nikkie's top 5 reasons she's pissed at NE:
5)Video Games: Alright, I love video games, and everyone
knows it. But this Christmas, I got three new games for the
PS2 and one for the computer: Devil May Cry, Suikoden III,
Spyro the Dragon: Enter the Dragonfly and for the computer
American McGee's Alice. I haven't had the chance to dig
into any of the new games with the exception of Spyro and
let me tell you, they ought to have stopped with Year of
the Dragon, or whatever the third game for the original
Playstation console is. The controls are HORRIBLE. Response
time is slow as hell and the loading time is BRUTAL. I mean
BRUTAL. Aside from the fact that the game FREEZES and there
isn't a single scratch on the disk! Second, plot: Ripto
suddenly reappears without any explanation, throws off a
couple of "witty" comments and then scatters the
dragonflies all over the world, conveniently then
disappearing. Bianca just happens to know where to find
Sparx and off you go onto your magical journey. Each of the
Spyro games had a gimmic, a specific item you were supposed
to retrieve: in the first, it was the dragons. In the
second, it was orbs. In the third it was dragon eggs.
Dragonflies is a unique idea, I'll admit, and it's good to
see the dragon hatchlings hanging around to give you mini-
lessons. But the controls are a bitch and while the
graphics are enhanced, it almost takes away from the fun
cartooni-ness of the game.

4) Aunt Darlene. For god's sake woman, I don't know why the
hell you feel the need to ruin everything for everyone, but
grow up. And quit trying to pick fights with my Mom. At
least she was honest. When you're fucking ex-boyfriend or
boyfriend or whatever the hell he is because I can't
untangle your relationships anymore, calls me up at 9 pm
when I'm all alone looking for grandma, I get a little
freaked out. Don't drag anyone else down with you. Get some
help, dry out, and sober it up a bit. Any more drunken
messages on our answering machine or tears from Mom or
Grandma will result in a severe ass beating.

3) Sports. FUCKING GODDAMN SPORTS. How about we UNpossess
my family for a day so we can focus on something else? It'd
be a nice change of pace. Some of us are interested in
other things, and I'd be happy about now to get back to SRU
and talk to people who share that POV.

2) TV. I can't watch it until after everyone has gone to
bed, preventing me from catching Inuyasha on Saturdays. At
least I can watch Daria, but it's ridiculous to get turned
down from watching one hour of television PER WEEK. A
little bit of friendly understanding would be great,
instead of just insulting my interests and calling them
shit. Thanks Dad.

And the number one thing that's pissing me off right now:
1) The monopolizing of the phone lines. I have a life too,
regardless of what my little brothers may believe. It's not
unreasonable to ask for the computer around 10:30 pm when
the two little goblins have had it at their whim the ENTIRE
DAY. I can't use the phone because they're online or on the
phone, I can't use the computer because they're on it, I
can't GET CALLS from any of my friends! It's insane and my
parents just don't give a damn! It's such a fucking pain in
the ass. Not that they'd understand. Dumb jocks lack the
mental capacity for it. And the sad thing is, that's a lie!
They're very intelligent and I have nothing to use over
them. It sucks. Maybe if I were an athlete, I'd matter
somewhat, but I'm not. I'm an anime-liking, video game
playing, attempting artist of a writer. I'm sunk. Sucks to
be me. Down with individualism.

Ahhh, I feel better now. Might not change anything, but
hey, at least I got it out there. Now I can work on my
latest chibi and be happy, knowing it's out of my system
for now. Hooray.