ergot and the ju ju queen

antipodean delights...
2001-09-04 10:18:37 (UTC)

Random jottings...

Tonight.. there is a glorious, perfect, magical full moon
hanging right above my house. :)

No matter how many full moons I get to witness.. I am in
awe of each new one I see. There's not much that can
compare with a golden full moon...


Today, I had about 150 photographs taken of me.. (No
exaggeration! well... I've told you 3 million times not to

Teaching my study tour of Japanese students came to an end,
amidst tears, hugs, photos, assurances of emails, and cries
of 'arigatoo' and 'gambatte ne' !! :)

It's always most gratifying to be so adored. heheh No
wonder I enjoy this so much. But it's a two way street, and
I fell in love with them all too.

The BBM quizzed me quite sternly about the tour director
man, too.. and asked if I spent much time with him during
the last week.. Nothing much to tell there, I'm sorry to
say.. lol

The crazy Arab has rung again, and even left a msg on my
answering machine, saying 'ring me!'. Does the msg never
get through to him?? I have told him time and again to stay
away. Time for drastic action, methinks.. I may have to
call in Blunt.. bump him off.. ;) shhhhhh

My brother arrives back here tomorrow morning.. so our
house will be full of visitors and talking and planning and
laughing.. and 4wd'ing and Tony Robbins positive talk.. and
talk of girls, and adventure.. :) Lovely.. Can't wait. Oh, and we're
going to watch "cocktail" again together.. excellent!

Off to bed.. :)