my life, my love and my happiness?
2002-12-30 01:54:22 (UTC)

its christmas time again

ok so yeah maria had to work today and we got up at like
10:00 this morning and we got in the shower and shit. then
she left and went to work and i stayed here and had to
deal with ass hole yelling at me all morning. fucking
bastered!!!!i hate you!!!! die!!!!!!! ok so yeah i picked
up the house a little b/c i am the only one that knoes how
to wipe off the counters and put dishes in the dishwasher
aparently!! fucking gerrrrr!!! then around 1:00 his family
came over. they are the only thing that i like about him.
the all like me so much, it is great. then we ate shrimp
and the bad ass crab dip my mom made and sat around and
talked for a while. then we opened persents. whohooo now
i have some extra money to speen on mary jane and hello
bottle of citron..... here i come!!!! i got $55 in gift
certificats to the mall and a $20 gift card to FYE!!!! i
am so happy now i have $40 bucks to do what ever i want
with. i love having money!!!!! and dinner.... .. dinner
was fucking awsome! mark over cooked the meat and had a
hissy fit about it and how over done it was... but i
thought i was pretty damn good. and ughhhhh gravy gravy
gravy!!!! SO GOOD I LOVE FOOD!!!! ok so yeah i am in a
really weared mood. i am happy but i am depressed at the
same time.
john still hasent called me back but i am not calling him
so he can kiss my ass. you try calling me a fucking ass
hole and have me start a conversation with you.... i dont
think so. i was telling maria about it and i was lauhging
so hard. hahahahah in your face b-yach!!!! ok so yeah and
i got cucomber melon glittery spray stuff and a sterling
silver braclet.... so i made out pretty good tonight.

then after dinner we picked up and then we watched erin
and corys wedding video. i was so good. i had so much fun
that night untill i got told to my face that i was a piece
of shit. then i went on to tell my mother and she told me
that i was too. ok so if a mother really loves her child
do you think that she would let her b/f tell her daughter
that she is a piece of shit?.... and then she stays with
him and sticks up for him. nope i dont think so... but my
mom did. good fucking god. my sister is more of a mother
that she is to me and my sister lives in colorado. come on
now is there something wrong with this picture?.......

ok so i was suposed to get a hole of jay once again
today.... that didnt happen ... its all ok it is only a
snowboared... right? .... yeah i think so!!! oh yeah any i
am set for new years eve... kk is geting my bottle and DE
is getting me some very green mary jane. GETTING FUCKING
ok i am so bored and now one is on. what the hell is that?
hummm some one tell me. were is everyone? oh yeah they all
have lifes. and i dont b/c i dont drive and bla bla bla.
watching: charmed****

ok so yeah i guess i am going up to jiminy with jay and matt
tomarrow.... do you think it is going to happen ? they are gonna
call and i am still gonna be sleepin and ugh am am going to have to
get ready in 99999.9 sec and it is gonna be shitty i am a girl i
need atleast 10 min if that. come one now... can not wate i am gonna
break my self..
ok so yeah kayla and katrina just got brought to albany med b/c well
just think about it. what the hell!!! gtg