Visions Of Life
2002-12-30 01:49:04 (UTC)

The Infamous Fishing Poem

Two figures on the shore
Hand in hand
Gazing across placid waters
Perfect day, perfect sun
Two poles
Dangling in the surf
Picnic in the sand
Smiles, Laughing
A kiss under the clouds
Ripples in the water
Trout jumping while ensnared
Our prize upon the shore
Teamwork in effect
Beauty on a line
Two figures atop a hill
Watching the lake from above
Thanking god
For the beauty in our lives
Hand in hand
Realizing both fragility
And power run rampant
Running down the hill
Child like glee
She leaps into water
Laughing as she swims
Sun growing small
Two lovers walk a path
Leading away from Eden
Away from the perfect day
To a more perfect life

-Christine Bowen
December 29, 2002