punk girl, interrupted
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2002-12-30 01:03:31 (UTC)

avril (with whiskers) and my parttttaaaaaaay

things are awesome...tho ive been eating too much( and all
the laxies im takin are makin me sick) im happy cuz i got
two cats today..twins both male..lil orangew things..and
my party is on tuesday yay! im also meeting greg on
tuesday, get to see steve..hang with my buds..get is good ahhahahahhaa. im a lil confused as to
twhat is gonna go down at the party.
the guy who lives below me in my building asked me out
tonight it was funny..some wigger..i just
siad..uh,...k...hahaha..i didnt know what the fuck to do!
adam wasnt even pickin up his phone..i mighg as well let
him go..just a loss cause to get me down he is!
i cut really bad the other night..was in pain for 2
days ..all my chest stomach..thighs and hips.. i dont even
know why..well, i do but ill talk to steve about
that..thats a big part of why i did it..not him..just
shiot my cousin said to me abotu him ...i dunno..i just am
so confused. anyhoo, wont let me get bogged down b/c i
love everyone and life is sweet right now.
anyhoo, gtg