Fins Talk and Other Thoughts
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2002-12-29 23:59:54 (UTC)

Stupid Patriots--Sunday, 29 December 2002, 6:49pm

I'm not disappointed as much as I am angry. The Patriots
would never have won today if the refs hadn't called
defensive pass interference on us when it was CLEARLY
offensive pass interference. This has been a season of
HORRIBLE calls on the Dolphins. Let's go back to the last
time the Dolphins met the Bills. The play where the Bills
were driving in the red zone. Drew Bledsoe snapped the
ball 2.5 seconds AFTER the play clock had run down!! No
whistle . . . no call . . .Bills score. Now, I think
there needs to be some way to challenge an official's
call. We can challenge calls, but not penalties. Why is
that? Shouldn't we be able to challenge ANYTHING the
officials call? If we can challenge the spot of the ball
(an official decision) then why can't we challenge a
penalty (also an official decision)? This is really
ridiculous. And now, as I write this, the Packers have
given up on winning against the Jets. This means our
season and the Patriots' season are over. HOW DARE THEY?
And we can say that there is always next season, but why
does it have to be like that? We were leading our
division for sooo long!!! For what? To be shut out of
the playoffs because the Patriots and the Bills benefit
from TERRIBLE oficiating and because the Packers can't get
it done? The Dolphins are a classy team and they have
played so well this season. Ricky Williams has done so
much for this team. Ray Lucas stepped in when he was
needed and did his best. I can fault none of our players
(with the exception, perhaps, of Chris Carter who should
NEVER have been drafted), but I can and do blame the
officials. Even Chris Carter can't be blamed completely.
I don't hate him, but I do feel that the team should have
considered spending more money on Orande Gadsden, whom we
will desperately miss if he leaves during the off-season.
I am still a Dolphin fan and I will be no matter what. I
just wish we could get a break.

Until next time . . .