What's the point!
2001-09-04 06:17:40 (UTC)


she lays awake in a sleepless daze,
her mind playing with her every thought,
lost in her moment of peace,
blinded by every vision,

Days fading quickly..............
Nights sleepless and long.......
The moment is rising......
Soon it's wait will be over......

An adoring soul has caused all her thoughts,
The same one who has taught her so much,
Who knew a man could do so much without his touch,
Never shared a breath,

she's wondering when there eyes meet,
The taste of there first kiss,
The feeling while making love,
The sadness of the departure,

How hard will there journey be,
And how long is the road to forever,
She thinks and she wonders,
But no matter how long its been, gone over,
The truth be known they'll be together forever

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