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2001-02-11 01:32:11 (UTC)

Boring Life


After extensive research in the area, I have come to a
final conculsion: My life's boring. Why else would I have
this diary? Yes yes, this is my first entry, and it won't
be my last.
I wanted to go see 'Snatch' today (1. It looks like a good
movie and 2. Charlie said I was taking her today, so yeah),
but it turns out I do not have Charlie's phone number. So I
was hoping she'd call me. Nope. Didn't happen. I'm gonna go
to school Monday and she's gonna be all, "Why didn't we go?
You were supposed to take me!" Whatever. I'll take her
another time.
I finally played Phantasy Star IV for Genesis (downloaded
it). I didn't like it that much. I'm more into the old
school Final Fantasy games, like FF I, II, and III for
Nintendo/Famicon. I do like IV, V, and VI for Super
Nintendo/Famicon. I've played IV so many times I was
thinking of making a FF IV strategy guide (complete with
stats and weapons and monsters and hidden treasures and
paths and hints and all that good stuff). I had started it,
but never finished. I think I should. Maybe that'll be a
new section.
No new pictures. Well... there's an original picture, but I
don't wanna put up originals. I hardley ever do originals
and I don't see what's so great about them. There's just
something about FAN art...
Well that's about it for today. Bye².
- Dustin Snider
Owner and Creater of Incredible Space Monkey Central

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