The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2002-12-29 17:17:06 (UTC)

Im Burnt Out

Mentally. I just am so sick of everything. But whatever.
I dont have anyone to listen to me anymore. Everyones to
busy with their own lives. I lost one of the most
important people in my life this summer. And Im just a
wreck. Woo Hoo. Sucks to be me. Yeah, I dont know. I
just want life to be plain and simple. Maybe have a girl
who likes me the way I like them. Not just oh matt your
like my big brother or like a best friend and I dont wanna
ruin that. Well fuck it. Girls suck. Girls suck a lot.
And they always set me up to fall. Hoo-ray for falling.
And everytime it happens I get a little more bitter and a
little more cynical. Im not the same person you all knew.
Not but a long shot. Im angry. I just dont let a lot of
people see it. I like to hold it in and make people laugh
instead. I mean isnt that what nice guys do? Hold in all
their anger till just overflows and then something you
seriously regert happens. Like I dont know. But i just
wanna a girlfriend. But thats not happening cause their
are no girls in canadaigua even worth my time. Not that
Ive met at least. I know Im a whiney bitch. Deal with it.