champagne supernova
2002-12-29 17:09:29 (UTC)

ill miss those fat cats

what in gods name am i sposed to do when i leave? life will
seem so very strange. ive lived with bobby for the past 2
weeks now and we've had our tugs-of-war.... but i mean ...
im going to go back to califrnia to the same place i was
before..nothing wrong with that ..but it just seems so
weird. well at least ill be able to say that i think the
weather is quite up standing out there compared to is absoultly *sp* freezing out here! so yesterday
i saw 3 of my old friends from way back..amanda..lindsey..
(yes i have a friend named lindsey) and april. bobby
dropped me off at amandas and we went to pick up was so fun!!!!
but it made me realise that i am the only person on the
face of the earth without a freakin drivers licence!! bobby
drives..amanda drives..lindsey drives...april drives..laura
drives...rena..and the list goes on and on and on !!!! oh
well i guess i might as well sit back relax and enjoy the
view from the passangers seat ,casue that is where im going
to be for a while! wellive got 3 more days here and im
still having fun! trying to slip in as many pictures as i
can! oh god...
so we went to a car show last nite..pretty fun
althought bobby needed to control him self to not race...
(he has a speeding issue) ..but in all seriousness..hes a
wonderful driver..and hes teaching me how to do it! i drove
last nite on a public street for the first time! i went
thru a stop sign and everything! GO ME ! lol anywasy i got
lots more to say ///but ill save that for the next entry!
love ya'll!!