Drew kid
2001-09-04 04:24:59 (UTC)

Monkeys monkeys monkeys

I have started a diary for the sole purpose of taking over
the world. I figure if enough people read this,and all my
ideas, and spread the message of my ideal views of what
this world should be, then i will have followers.
Eventually ill have enough followers in every organization
taht i can have real power. Eventually i will be a true
threat, but the threat would only mean a perfect world
under my dictatership. Eventually even the president will
be under my will, than i will kill him, because bush
deserves to die. Better yet, torture, for life. Anyways
back to me ruling the world. You may think im crazy, but go
ahead, think all you want while your rotting away in one of
my prisons for not becoming one of my kind! Some may wonder
why would he want to do this!!! And the reason, well the
reason is simple..............................To Destroy
Boy bands, and pop girls forever!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and long
lines at banks, aaand beans in chilli.

So tell me, whos side are you on....................

Do do doooooooooooooooooooooo