Laura's need to rant and chat
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2002-12-29 14:33:54 (UTC)

Aruging, crying, sex, love, hate, destruction....ugh

I am so sick of the people in my life trying to confuse the
subjects that are at hand. Ritchard for one, loves to
spend time with me, but he wants more than I can give and
when I do try and help him, since his ego is just as low
as mine, we end up arguing, crying, etc... we've even
falling into bed together a few times. Yes Laura the slut
is back. Why is it that sex is the only thing I seem good
at and to be honest, I'm not even that good!!!!

Why is that the computer is always getting in the way of my
relationships and friendships. Ugh!!! I lost my husband
because of it and then Ritchard and I fought over it last
night and then of course Duane uses it as an excuse
because "Laura, you're not very happy, so I'm going to go
download you __________, since you have been wanting to see
it." UGH!!!

And now I'm waiting with unbaited breathe for MOM to call
and see if I want to have lunch w/ Mom, Dad, and Grandma,
ugh... I love my family, but sometimes... I need Laura
time, away from EVERYONE!!!!!!!

WEll, I gotta run, I will post more later, breakfast is
calling, and life sucks... so snack food to make my ass
even bigger,....

Good thing coming though, on New Years Eve, I'm going to
New Orleans to party with some friends like it's 1999!!!

It should be fun, since I use to live there and my friend
and I use to go party in the Big Easy every weekend and
knew everyone at the bars we use to go to, but too bad some
of the same people still don't work there anymore... Oh
well, NYE seems to bring out some great locals, so maybe
some of them will show!!! The only problem is NYE means a
kiss at Midnight and I've got NOONE to kiss!!! Fuck it,
dancing, drinks, and fun... yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bye for now!!!!!

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