Blue Fairy's Riot
2002-12-29 14:28:01 (UTC)

The New Job

Well, this is the morning after my first day as a
waitress at Uraku. I like the job very much! The people
there are all so friendly, and what does it matter if they
only speak marginal English! lol I came in around eleven,
and they were eating breakfast. They offered me some, but
I declined. Then I started working. The girl, Yong Hee,
she is SO cool and very nice. She is completing her PhD in
Theater. Her English is probably the best. There were not
many customers in the morning, so all we did was talk. We
closed for lunch, and they had made korean food, so we all
ate lunch. Then I got another hour to go and do whatever
(the resturant closes from 2:30 until 4:30). While I was
gone, Chin-Ming came over. Upon trying to light my
cigarette on fire... yeah, it singed my bangs. Chin-Ming
thought this was really, really funny... he would laugh and
laugh... stop, apologize, then keep on laughing! Oh, Chin,
I love you }-P LoL. Well, I tried to fix my hair.... which
did not I got to work late. They also thought
the hair was funny. I didn:t get pissed off or anything, I
was laughing, too. It is just hair, for christ:s sake....
it will come back, and my hair grows fast. I dont really
care. So I go back to work, and there is this American.
He is the delivery boy until the 12th. The owners kids are
little brats, but they are so cute! So I worked. Man, by
10:30, my feet were KILLING me! That was when I realized I
need to marry a rich guy! LoL We closed, and had dinner.
It was so great! Pulgogee and some noodles (we had them at
Dr. Cho's, Miki or Taro or April would know the name). The
one Chinese guy, his car wouldn:t start. It finally died,
and he is supposed to move to Michigan today... That
sucks. He was very nice. So I came back to the apartment,
and layed the cushions from the couch on the floor and went
to sleep. It was overall a very nice day. The only thing
that sucks, is I don:t get tips for a while, because I am
still kinda training. Oh! And I am supposed to pick up
Miyuki. I have no idea when they are coming back, though.
This presents a problem!!! Love, Theresa