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2002-12-29 14:24:23 (UTC)

Sweet sixteen

Just got off the phone with my best friend, Cynthia. She’s
grounded, so I can’t hang out with her today. Made a few
other calls, but it seems that I have to spend the day all
by myself watching videos or writing in this diary. I feel
more like writing than watching TV, so I was thinking that
I’d write some more about myself (sounds very selfish,
right?). I guess that a huge part of my personality has
been affected by Trey, the guy I mentioned in the last
entry. My life can be parted into two different periods,
the one before Trey and the one after Trey. Before Trey I
was an ugly little kid with glasses and a brace. I didn’t
have many friends. Actually I just had one. I was a true
geek in school and got straight A’s. Then Trey came along,
he’d just moved here from New Jersey. We became friends
right away and in the summer before we went to high school
I went out to buy new clothes, accidentally “lost” my
brace, got a hip hair cut and dyed it more blonde, got
contact lenses and so on. Nobody knew me at my new school,
so it was the perfect time to make some radical changes. In
my junior year I made loads of new friends and got my first
boyfriend. My grades started dropping, but my parents
didn’t really care. They were, and are, too busy to really
care what we’re doing, Matt, Jason and I. They probably
think that we’re old enough to take care of ourselves. We
are old enough to take care of ourselves, or at least Matt
and Jason are. I still need my parents to care for me. Matt
and Jason have noticed that, and they’ve taken over…they’re
great. They really care about whom I hang out with, how I
do at school and that I don’t get into shit like Trey did.
Anyway, maybe I shouldn’t be such a baby; I’ll be 16 in a
couple of days. Being 15 has been very nice, though. So
much has happened this year. I wonder what it will be like
next year when I’m 16, I’m not scared, I’m just excited. I
don’t hope for my life to get better, I think it’s about as
good as it gets. I don’t have big problems of any kind. As
long as I have Matt and Jason, everything will be just
fine. It’s amazing how much you can depend on some people…
I’m looking forward to my 16th birthday, though. The party
is going to be great! Everyone will be there. I’m not
counting on a surprise party, cuz everyone’s already