Can't think of anything right now
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2002-12-29 12:42:51 (UTC)

The story about Trey and I.

It's Sunday today. The weather sucks and I have no plans
for the day. It's X-Mas holidays right now and so far I've
been doing something every single day. But today I've
decided to stay at home, maybe watch a movie or something.
Yesterday I was at my new boyfriends house. We have so much
fun together…we laugh, we talk, we make out. You know, the
usual teenage stuff. He’s great, he really is. One year
older than me, though, but that doesn’t matter. We’re in
the same year in school anyway, just not in the same
school. But somehow it seems, that whenever I get a
boyfriend, all I can think about is him…not the boyfriend,
but the guy that was my best friend for a long time. I
don’t see him much anymore, though. And that’s too bad, cuz
I really loved him, I think. In the way you love a great
friend. I haven’t seen him for about 5 months and I don’t
think about him that much anymore. Only when I find those
old pictures of the two of us together, hugging, laughing…
just like in those teen movies. Haha...But nothing ever
turns out just quite like in those movies, right? This
summer when we hadn’t seen each other for 2 months or
something, I got this incredible boyfriend. I really liked
him. He was great! But then one day I met Trey (that’s my
old friend’s name) again, spent some time with him, almost
kissed him and the next day when I saw my boyfriend, I
didn’t have any feelings for him anymore. They were just
gone…Before I had a weird feeling in my stomach whenever I
was around him, but after seeing Trey, there was nothing
but emptiness. Todd (my bf) was still the same, he still
had the same feelings for me as before. He didn’t
understand why I broke up with him less than a week after
seeing Trey. He knew that we had been the best friends, and
I think he was a little jealous. And I can’t blame him,
because there was enough reason for him to be.
Todd was my last boyfriend, now I have a new one after 5
months. I really like this one and I hope not to run into
Trey… It’s a weird story with Trey and I, anyway. He moved
to our school in 6th grade. I was the only one he talked
to, dunno why, but we just clicked right away. Before I met
Trey I didn’t have many friends. But Trey was one of those
guys who’d find friends in a sec. Just not at our school.
He found friends all around town, and everyone thought he
was the coolest. Through him, my popularity gained and in
high school, I found myself with the most popular in
school. He got thrown out of our school, though. The
teachers busted him for bringing weed to school. Man, he
was deep into drugs back then. He’s over it, though. He
quit it for me back then…I didn’t want to be part of that
shit. Trey’s one year older than me, too. I’ve always hung
out with the older guys and girls, I guess. Probably
because my brothers have always introduced me to their
friends. Anyway, gotta go now, have to call my friend,
Cynthia. I’ll just check if she wants to hang out today. I
just can’t sit still for one day without doing something
with my friends.