2001-09-04 03:58:47 (UTC)

After little thought and much..

After little thought and much realisation, I paused and
allowed myself to be honest. Not only with others, but with
myself. It's taken a long time for me to admit my mistakes
and faults to others, as I'm sorry it did take a long time.
I've learned a lot about the world around me and myself
included over these past two months. Before I left, I was
naive and probably still am. What I mean to say is, I grew
up. I usually don't share much with others, being the quiet
person I am. It's in my nature I guess to be observant and
absorb the information around me without people noticing.
I'm the outsider on conversations around me, and I've
noticed that I can have a pretty good grasp of who that
person is, without them even remembering my name. I'm
invisible that way, a face no one remembers. I'm not
complaining, it's just something that I have noticed
growing up.
All I know is that I learned more than I expected to this
summer, both the good and the ugly. More so the ugly..

I have no idea if this will make sense to anyone or not.
It's pure rambling...