the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
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2002-12-29 07:45:56 (UTC)

babysitting the drunks

babysitting is always fun when you are babysitting drunks
i dont think i have laughed this hard in my life but then
again there was so much alcohol spilled tonight
i decided that since i was so worn out from the trip that
i wasnt gonna drink i didnt have the energy or the stomach
i have been hungry all day but i havent been able to eat
much maybe its nerves
im really worried about brian he seems so angry he isnt
himself at all
but anyway my flights went well they were quick only thing
that sucked was that i had a 2 hour lay over in charlotte,
i tried to sleep but i was afraid i would miss my flight
so i didnt get much then i crashed here and slpet for like
5 hours they finally woke me upand the fun started right?
well all im out
love you bye bye