The many thoughts of Ann
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2001-09-04 03:49:02 (UTC)


well i was checkin my email and i got this from a friend at
the cottage

So ya wanted me to write ya so i'm writing ya and i
guess seen as how i don't no what to say besides how's
life? and whats new? and all them usuall questions i think
that nows the time for me to tell u somethin when i saw u
on the beach with the levairs i noticed u right away and i
no that u like me as a friend only but i only wish that it
was much more then that and even though i no that i would
never even come close to working i just feel as thoug it
was ment to be when i talk to u i always think of the
nights that we were with use and ya i wish that it was
forever ann i really like u alot and i mean that i just ask
u tyo look deep in your heart and tell me ever thing u
think about me anyways i gotta run now but please do that
four me k talk to u later and please dont let this affect
our friend ship k bye now

Luv ya

man i was so surprised i mean my god i didn;t think he
thought we "were meant to be" shit man wut should i do. if
anyone who reads this if anyone has any ideas or ideas for
my situation the please please email i need ur help
[email protected]
thanks so much

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