Cold chillin

Bernie Calderon
2002-12-29 06:12:38 (UTC)

am i good enough??

Mood: sleepy
song of the moment: Might be you by kai
"you're pretty coo... i think i like you" said the boy.
"yeah u seem ok yourself.' said the girl.
"so um how bout u and i sometime...... when ur not busy... maybe u
and me go out sometime?" asked the boy.
"that sounds good and all, but ur not exacly my type." answered the
o ok, sorry to have bothered you. thank you for shoppin at walmart
and have a nice day." sadly said the boy.

weird story isnt it? i just made it up as u can tell. i was walkin
around the casino today and i saw all these nice little couples. i
am currently wit someone, and now the question has 2 b i
good enough?
im with a girl right now who many would agree is very pretty. i have
no clue what she wants with an asian thug like me. i juss dont get
it. even she has to admit that im not exactly what she had in mind.
im not the best looking, most athletic, blah blah blah. i hear about
her last boyfriends and im like damn, i aint nuttin like them. i
come from a totally different mold. but i dunno, i must be really
blessed. the girls ive been with are totally out of my league, yet
they let me come up from the minors for my shot.
call me insecure if u will, this is how i feel. i must be doin
something right to get a girl like her. shes proly not even gonna
read this, so she will proly never know how i feel. but it doesnt
really matter, b/c this relationship is like snapshot to me. we're
takin the shot and seein what develops.....