sex kitten

life of a porn star
2002-12-29 05:10:20 (UTC)

things that make you go hmm

things have been kinda boring lately. xmas is over...wasnt
that i have to get a car and that is stressing
me out...its really cool though bc my grandparents want to
buy be a brand new car for nothing but my dad doesnt want
them to bc i make no i have to get a job abd
buy a used car...if only i didnt let maggie crash my other
one...brian was online two nights ago for like an
hour...he didnt im me so i think he has moved on and
forgotten us a little sad he came
back to buffalo and is at his brothers computer
there...oh well i think its time for me to move on even
though i still really like him...but its the only thing i
can do. it sounds stupid after all of this time but i have
been thinking about greg lately, i just want to cuddle
with him and avoid grossness. so i emailed him but he
hasnt replied but i think he might be in florida for some
reason. i need a job and i think im ready for one...esp bc
my dad has been home from work and he is drving me nukin