The Life and Times of Dana Scully
2001-09-04 03:06:43 (UTC)

Worry or not worry.......is that even an option??

Why do I worry? I've always envied those who can go through
life calmly..letting very little hurt them. Why is it the
mere thought of upsetting my boss, my co-workers, my
friends has me so worried that I panic about it? I wish I
had the answer to that. I try to have the "I don't care
attitude" but realistically I can't. I have to care about
my job to be responsible about it. However, the thought of
making something difficult for my boss, and having her mad
at me, leaves me terrified. I'm a senior. I should have
fun. I should be free, not tied to worries. If only I
didn't worry. I wish that was an option. For now I shall
continue to pussyfoot around those I am afraid to upset,
fearing how his/her reactions will affect me. Oh
well....until more elightenment comes....