The many thoughts of Ann
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2001-09-04 03:04:52 (UTC)

one more day

Well after tomorrow it is back to school :( i dont wanna go
back. i mean most girls can go back to school thinkin maybe
a new guy has come to school... possibly the love of my
life. but me.... well i'd like to think that but i would
just be lettin myself down. there will be no guys at my
school so i dont even bother hoping. i did that last year
and was VERY VERY disapointed. ah well
well we ( jen and i) talked to kyle and dustin tonight and
we found out why dustin didn;t come on msn last night to
talk to jen. well he got into a fight at a rave well kyle
did and 3 guys stepped in so dustin had to kick some asses
and he ended up savin kyles butt , however he got a beer
bottle in the head for doing it with gave him 4 stiches,
poor guy. that bad thing is that kyle thinks its all his
fault. hope he isn;t so hard on himself. the good thing is
everyone is still alive and.... THEY WON the fight anyways
thats all that matters right?? lol anywho dustin is a sweet
guy who misses jen so very much. man i wished i liked a guy
who missed me like if jeff missed me and he told me but i
dont even miss jeff anymore i am over him so ya i bet if i
saw him again though i would like him. aw well
so man i cant believe tomorrow is my last day of freedom.
wut am i gonna do. i mean i cant sleep the day away and
then i have to wake up early the day after ahhhhhhh this is
horrible maybe i should just stop talkin about school its
just not good... however i have to kick some serious ass in
school this year so i can kick some ass on the hill. cuz if
i do well in school then i can get more trainin on the hill
which means that i will kick lindsays ass which is wut i AM