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2001-09-04 03:03:16 (UTC)

Tuesdays with Morrie, but Mondays with Mario

Daily Thought:
"The food is at the door, it makes me want to help myself"
- Help Myself, Dave Matthews Band
Today I took the initiative to figure out what Mario's
problem is really trying to do to him. Brian happened to
lead onto Danielle actually going out with him, but
skeptical me had to pass that thought as trivel on route to
a more logical answer. But to my disbelief, he was right.
Just as I found why I didn't like her, I found that she was
going out with Mario. The first thing to pop into my mind
was that one verse from Dave Matthews' song,
Bartender, "When I was young I wouldn't think about it now
I can't just get it out of my mind."